3 Critical questions on TRUTH… Why, How, Why stop?

There is an obvious “awakening” going on at the moment. It is a wobbly, disorganized and sometimes spiteful movement. Obviously the people who are in the process of some sort of awakening are the only ones that know this. The mass of common experience is marked with significant disorganization and chaos. The experience is common, each having some degree of a new vision of our reality. The path of each individual is far from common. The danger arises immediately. With a new understanding of a particular issue, it seems as if old barriers are replaced with new. After the realization of a lifetime of deception, a new standard arises and a significant barrier of incredulity replaces former thought processes. A new layer of cognitive dissonance materializes, creating a layer of protection for an intellect in some form of shock. A new investigative process of discernment must accompany this change in perception. Without the new process one will undoubtedly be trapped in a state of confusion leaving them more deceived than the original state of blindness.

Why do people start to come to the truth? Millions of lifetimes would be spent in the explanation of why this has happened. The former norms aren’t only not normal, they seem ridiculous. The former beliefs have now become somewhat embarrassing to the changed individual. Although the why is a very interesting question, could it be that whatever the reason why has this happened it should rather be viewed as to what exactly are we supposed to do with these realizations? Whatever your why, the what to do is far more pertinent. Why is this change so selective? Perhaps the selective question answers the what action is to be taken question. Informing others should be obvious. How many people after being shaken awake in some manner were energized like never before, springing into action with great zeal to inform the world of this great realization, only to find it was not going to be so easy? Going it alone seems to be a poor choice although some do.

How do people begin to process and walk the earth with new eyes? It seems there are two options. A decision to make a solitary journey consuming knowledge and facts to be able to present to others in an educated manner or with some intuition of a deception, informing others and studying the issue together, thereby significantly speeding the process of understanding. The latter sounds fantastic, unfortunately it is as much a fantasy as the former beliefs. The former can be as equally as difficult. Locating another individual that is on the same path is difficult by itself, finding someone on that path who is willing to open up and share their thoughts on their process and work together is a seemingly insurmountable task at the outset. Due to the newly formed version of cognitive dissonance, the fear of further embarrassment and further deceit blocks collaboration. It seems collaboration is only achieved when a level of expertise or knowledge is achieved. The problem that arises next are the assumptions made by the individuals who have arrived at this level. There are so many crossroads, rabbit holes, and different turns, invariably the assumptions about the conclusions are somewhat different although the final conclusions are the same. When these different assumptions are discovered, disputes arise and the walls of communication get higher and more impenetrable. The “new ego” slams the door on even the slightest different points of view. The anger of the former deception arises and the other point of view is instantly placed in the category of intentional misdirection. The attack on deception turns to a vicious attack on individuals who may very well be seeking the truth as well.

Why do some “slam on the brakes” and only accept some truth and refuse to go any further? Why do some restrict their newly found vision to certain forms of reality? Is it a self defense mechanism? Is it fear of being deceived again or further? Is it a matter of presentation to avoid certain issues as a matter of gaining a larger group of possible acceptance? In any case, it is based on fear of some kind. Known or unknown, rational or not. One thing is certain, it is a beautiful roadblock for the entities that wish to cause confusion, deception, and dispute. While most fall into the category of “I will go no farther” when it comes to truth, some decide to accept every notion given to them. Obviously this creates even more chaos. It is clear that for every person that starts to see things with real eyes, suddenly tens, hundreds, or even thousands of imposters appear and are merely posing as awakened to attempt to further confuse the truth. The impostors are in full attack mode but they do not cause most of the damage. The shoot first and ask questions later attitude of many who are truly on the path for truth, cause far more damage.

What are the answers to these problems? I have no idea, only thoughts. Perhaps one of the following skill sets must be achieved.

1) Mind reading ability to find the true intentions of another. Presentation techniques to bend the will and beliefs of others. Shaming, ostracizing, and badgering anyone who does not agree. Copying any of the techniques used by the originators and propagators of deception that people are fleeing from.

2) An attitude including but certainly not limited to: Open minded, welcoming, gentle, helpful, patient, open to communication, thoughtful, humble, and peaceful. Although it sounds like a boy scout manual, how else can this move forward? Without these traits the truth remains ever evasive and the people who enjoy the masses being in the dark are quite content and have no fear of discovery whatsoever.

Considering the fact that I think of little else, I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter and I would love even more if this became a topic among truth seekers.